Wanda Kelley | Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Praesidio Healthcare Consulting LLC


Clinical Informaticists (CIs) are strategic team members that are crucial to navigate the continuing changes required by health care reform measures.

Here is a sampling of the diverse CI skill set:
  • CIs contribute to the overall development, implementation, and optimization of clinical information systems.
  • CIs perform a role in workflow analysis to determine how an electronic health record can make the flow of information better to support improved patient care.
  • Of utmost importance is the CI’s ability to create processes that are designed to standardize patient care for consistent quality outcomes.
  • CIs are mindful to produce and support safe use of the electronic health record to decrease the risk of introducing error into the information system.
  • Management of the information collected from standardized documentation is a key role for CIs – pulling data and analyzing it to support quality reporting.
  • CIs can facilitate change management and serve as an agent of change to move people out of their comfort zone and to challenge status quo.

Through the understanding of an organization’s people, processes, and technology, clinical informaticists provide transformational thought leadership on clinical system strategies for hospital leaders.