Wanda Kelley | Vice President, Clinical Informatics

Praesidio Healthcare Consulting LLC


Blowing up balloons isn’t just about hot air. It’s about teamwork, agility, and commitment to the process.

Today the team at Praesidio Healthcare Consulting LLC had the privilege of participating in a local community volunteer effort organized through VolunteerLinc.  We were part of a group of volunteers whose goal was to inflate 2,017 balloons that will be dropped two stories from inside the Lincoln Children’s Museum onto eager children and their families ringing in 2017 at the museum’s Make Believe Midnight event on New Year’s Eve.

Participating in this local volunteering opportunity seemed a wonderful way for our new company to become involved in community events. And it was. We were surrounded by volunteers from other local companies, event organizers, and, of course, bubbly children visiting the museum. In the course of a few hours, there were colorful balloons wrapped in netting and suspended from the ceiling to await the balloon drop. Children observing the preparations were laughing, pointing, and squealing “Look, it’s balloons!!!”

Those beaming little faces were reward enough for a few hours’ efforts, but in that short time I made a few observations.

  • Even with such a simple project, the newly formed team of community volunteers quickly learned the value of teamwork. No one was told what role to perform, but quickly there was a rhythm to our work. Some were using electric pumps to inflate the balloons, some were tying balloon knots. All were working together to assure the balloons ultimately rested inside the netting. The netting was then stitched closed with fishing line and suspended from the ceiling by event organizers.
  • In the course of completing our tasks, we had to learn a few things. Some people can’t tie balloon knots. Overfilled balloons pop. Static electricity is not a friend of balloons either. As a team, we had to be agile. Unsuccessful balloon tiers quickly became the balloon inflators. Those inflating balloons quickly learned exactly how much air those balloons could safely hold. All learned that squirting the outside of the unfilled and filled balloons with water made them less likely to pop.
  • As time went by, we had found a method that helped us achieve our goals. All were working to the best of our capabilities. Our collective commitment to the process led to a sense of accomplishment and ultimate success.

Praesidio’s clients can expect the same valued teamwork, agility, and commitment to the process in our delivery of professional services. These principles speak to a level of partnership that reflect Praesidio’s core values of excellence, integrity, and trust. In the context of health information technology, this approach upholds Praesidio’s mission to support the healthcare foundations of our communities.

Looking forward to many new and continued valued partnerships in 2017!

Happy New Year!