It’s a New Year and We Have New Services to Offer!

CCM, PCMH, CyberSecurity, Data Analytics & More!

Praesidio has always assisted clinics and hospitals with their Quality Reporting and EHR projects, but we’re pleased to announce that through deep partnerships with industry leaders, our Clinical and Quality Teams are now also able to provide:

  • Chronic Care Management program setup assistance (CMS CCM),
  • Patient Engagement software & services (QPP & Business Surveys),
  • PCMH assessments & certification assistance (NCQA PCMH 2017),
  • Data analytics / business intelligence platforms (Enterprise to Clinic),
  • Data & communication dashboards (Your Data – Your Message!),
  • Performance improvement training (Six Sigma),
  • Drug Diversion Software & Training (Inpatient Pharmacies),
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring Solutions, Training, & Risk Assessments (PCI & HIPAA),
  • Executive & Organization Leadership Training,
  • As well as helping our clients establish best practice Health IT safety workflows and key performance indicators to monitor long-term care improvement goals (Based on HIT Safety (ONC) Standards).

Healthcare is changing. It takes more than a great patient care Mission to succeed in today’s pay-for-performance and regulation-heavy care environment. Let’s help your staff avoid burnout by removing their non-patient facing tasks. Let’s support your healthcare business by implementing revenue generating (and revenue protecting) security, performance improvement, and care management programs.

Contact Our Team Today! We’re here to help with today’s challenges, and to support your move from reactive decision making to strategic planning and long-term business growth.