Our Passion, Our Mission, Your Shield

Every day across the US, healthcare organizations of all sizes struggle to do more with less. As Federal and State quality reporting mandates stack up, administrative, clinical and IT teams get worn down. Our caregivers and their support teams have become overextended, trying to fulfill their patient-care responsibilities while becoming healthcare regulatory reform experts on the side. Razor-thin profit margins are being cut by increased penalties and failed regulatory reporting audits. Physician dissatisfaction is at an all-time high. Our communities of care need help. They are being besieged by reforms and they need a shield against the onslaught.

At our core we believe that if our community hospitals and physicians fail, so too do our communities. I created Praesidio Consulting to be that Shield, to support the healthcare foundations of communities, and I invite you to learn more about who we are, our mission and passion to serve those who care for the rest of us. “Praesidio” is latin and means “for protection”. Now, more than ever, our communities of care could use a trusted partner to help protect them and their patient care mission.

Meet Our President

Todd Searls

Todd Searls

President and Founder

As President and Founder of Praesidio Healthcare Consulting LLC, Mr. Searls delivers strategic and clinical consulting services to clinics, hospitals, payers and healthcare vendors nationwide. Previous to this, he served as the Executive Director of Wide River LLC, a private Health IT consulting company with clients in eight states.

He also served as the Director of Nebraska’s Regional Extension Center (REC) program and has led numerous Health IT and strategic initiatives in independent physician practice, as well as large, multi-facility healthcare systems.

In these roles he has personally assisted hundreds of physicians in over 25 specialties to research, purchase, implement and optimize their Health IT solutions. Mr. Searls is frequently asked to speak and comment on Healthcare IT issues nationally, especially those which impact rural and medically under-served communities.